The Last Mommy Blog

I have an idea! I’ll make a heart with my hands on my belly… bet no one’s thought of that before!

I’ve heard people say that new parents feel like they’re the first people to ever have a baby. Speaking as someone typing around the warm lump of a 7-week-old baby asleep in a wrap, the wonder and newness and all-consuming self-absorption of pregnancy and early parenthood does make me feel like I’m seeing color for the first time. No amount of Googling, or friends explaining, or my own mother recounting the early days with me, gave me even the faintest shimmer of this new reality.

So I can say with a fair degree of confidence that adding my voice to the infinite cacophony of Mommy Blogs won’t effectively prepare any women who are themselves poised at the precipice of their own unimaginable new life. But while I can’t (and don’t aspire to) fully prepare anyone for motherhood, I do think my perspective can keep someone company late at night while they’re Googling something embarrassing in Incognito Mode about pregnancy bodily fluids, or while they’re trapped on the couch underneath a voracious newborn with only a cell phone for company.

The name “The Last Mommy Blog” comes from my acknowledgement that there are thousands, if not hundreds of thousands (millions? whatever – a ton) of  mommy blogs out there, and I am surely, by many accounts, late to the game. But every motherhood experience is different. And because seeing color for the first time (but with your whole heart and soul) is worth recounting, even if billions of people before you have had a very similar epiphany.

That, and I’m on maternity leave and I need a creative outlet because the SHHHHH SHHHH SHHHHHH of white noise I produce to get my baby to sleep is becoming my internal monologue and I don’t want to lose my edge.

The Last Mommy Blog

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