Is it time for sleep training?

3 months oldThe baby turned THREE MONTHS OLD today. He is enormous (15 lbs., judging by the weigh-yourself, weigh-yourself-with-the-baby method, as he doesn’t have another doctor’s appointment for another month) and is laughing out loud and doing all sorts of crazy big-kid things.

Now that we’ve hit this milestone, I’m starting to consider whether it’s time I took a more considered approach to his sleep habits.

As I mentioned before (don’t kill me, Internet or pediatricians), he’s been sleeping in our bed since he was about a week old, as it was the only way I could get any sleep, and I tend to drop him and nearly burn the house down with less frequency when I’ve had some rest. (Seriously, don’t kill me, Internet. I don’t drop my baby and I haven’t nearly caused a house fire in many years.)

Because we knew this whole moving house thing was approaching and we honestly just couldn’t think about trying to handle more than one major transition at a time, we decided to hold off on moving him to his own crib until after we’re settled in the new house. In the meantime, Kickpuncher (current most applicable nickname) will snooze at my side at night.

In the meantime, contractors have been coming and going, I’ve had to leave the house at unpredictable hours for house showings and inspections, we’ve had out-of-town visitors and I just don’t have any sort of routine in place for my day… and that includes naps.

I can tell when he gets tired, and that’s when he goes down for a nap (after a few minutes of  nursing, rocking with a pacifier, and lately very off-key lullabies). No tracking, no consistency. I have tried to start putting him down in his crib for more naps (otherwise he’s sleeping in his bouncer), but unless he is strapped into the baby carrier on my chest, his naps are usually no longer than about a half hour, 40 minutes. Every chart I’ve come across says babies should be sleeping far longer than that at a stretch at his age. And as much as I love carrying him around, it does make folding laundry tricky, and did I mention he is ENORMOUS?

So today marks the first day I am revisiting my obsessively thorough baby tracker (used the first month to track nursing and diapers) to at least start to see if there’s a pattern to his naps and try to establish a routine while I research sleep training.

Well, that’s it for today… as it has been 42 minutes (woo?) and the baby is stirring from his second nap.

Anyone have any advice for helping babies get their nap on? Any advice for the (eventual) transition from co-sleeping? I don’t think I can handle cry-it-out unless nothing else works, so let me know what else I should consider.

Is it time for sleep training?

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