Weeknight Meal Wednesday: Nacho Matrix!

weeknight meal - nacho matrixI’m going to have to keep this post brief as I am currently babysitting for a friend and both babies are sound asleep, but who knows for how long?

After skipping a week, here’s another installment of easy, practically non-recipes for new moms who maybe haven’t showered in a few days and are filled with joy but empty of food. Lady, you need to eat. Let me help.

One of my favorite easy (though not always particularly healthy, I admit) weeknight meals is nachos, because they’re so versatile and can serve as a blank canvas for whatever cuisine you’re craving.

The last time I made nachos (last week) I tried to take a photo, but it looked like trash so instead of subjecting you to my disappointing photography, I made you a…


While you can go by the book across any row and make a stylized nacho recipe, you can also mix and match or substitute to suit your personal preferences.

The main rules for nachos are: Pour chips into a baking dish (I usually use a 9″x13″ Pyrex dish because The Husband and I can murder a pile of nachos), layer on your toppings (leaving out things that won’t survive the broil very well, like avocado, green onions, etc.) broil for a few minutes until cheese are melty/starting to brown, and then eat! I also like to pour a bowl of salsa to dip into, along with any leftover refried beans, sour cream, etc.

Nacho matrix

You can also download a PDF of this if you want to print it out and stick it to the fridge.

Enjoy, mamas! Time to go check on my two slumbering little buddies.

Weeknight Meal Wednesday: Nacho Matrix!

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